PHP Software Engineer

Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom · Production · PHPD04


Digital products for smart cities.

A digital product business with a penchant for smart cities. Our flagship product is Passenger (, which is currently storming the public transport market. As a result we’re scaling the team around it.

You will be part of an integrated team of makers and doers, who thrive on the satisfaction of a job well done, across a variety of projects and clients. Passenger is rolled out in over a dozen locations across the UK, including Cardiff, Glasgow, Brighton and Bournemouth. Many more to follow.

This is a unique opportunity to join a dynamic technology company at the start and grow with the team. Join us on our mission to redefine the customer experience of public transport for the widest possible audience.

As a conscientious company, we value and support personal development. We actively seek key people with a like-minded desire to push boundaries, providing you with the opportunity to continuously build your experience, skills and career.

This position replaces an outgoing member of the team who unfortunately has had to relocate due to personal reasons.

The role joins a team of 5 other Software engineers, including a PHP lead and reports to the Engineering Director. As a team, you will be responsible for working closely with our front end web, mobile and design teams to deliver new features, updates and bug fixes using agile methodologies.

We build sustainable, secure and forward-thinking software for the public transport sector. The bulk of our products are built atop Symfony, Drupal and Doctrine. Experience in these areas is desirable, but not a deal-breaker. Being able to demonstrate capability (such as with experience) of modern PHP frameworks (like Symfony, Laravel or others) and tools (like Composer) is almost essential.

Our interview process typically consists of a code review (either of some code you already have or a short challenge we'll set you) alongside a covering letter and CV. Should this pique our interest then you’ll be invited to a 15-30 minute phone interview with the Operations Director, followed by a 45-minute in-person (or video call) with the Engineering Director and PHP lead.

Common mistakes which may disqualify you from consideration are the inability to demonstrate capability with modern PHP tools and frameworks beyond the very basic setup and lack of thoughtful consideration of the technical approach when submitting code for review.

What we lack in onsite parking we make up for in connectivity! We’re located on several major bus routes, and a short walk, or shorter ride from Branksome train station. There are several bike-share bays within 1-2 minutes walk from the office and we have consideration for those that choose to ride their own bikes to work. There are several paid parking options within a few minutes walk or free roadside parking within 10-15 minutes walk.


As part of the team, you’ll get...

A bit about the role

This is a genuine opportunity to work alongside talented people to innovate and build digital products (e.g. that make a difference to people every day. Working in an increasingly connected life, the role looks something like this:

1st class engineer

You will be used to working as part of an un-silo’d production team, where designers work alongside developers, in agile sprints. Your main skill set is writing PHP but you may have experience with other languages that have influenced how you code. You’ll be familiar with the PHP ecosystem and common frameworks/components (we're heavy users of Symfony, Doctrine and Drupal). You’ll be comfortable with design patterns, unit testing, APIs and databases. Find out more about the technologies we use.

Data hungry

You’ll have a keen interest in datasets, with good skills in filtering the signals from the noise. You’ll have an eye to the future and know that tracking something now will make for way more interesting times later. You’ll be comfortable integrating 3rd party systems through APIs you’ve helped architect. You'll be working with databases like MySQL, MongoDB, Elasticsearch and DynamoDB but you won't be expected to know them intimately from day one.

Open by default

You’ll have a keen interest in the way openness in technology (and in particular open data) can change things. And you’ll have ideas that mash one set with another, whether you’ve realised them yet or not. Our developers come up with projects for our clients, rarely the other way round.

Solver of riddles

You won't know the answer to every question that comes your way, but you’ll be someone who knows how to hunt it down. This job isn’t forensic science, but being able to piece the jigsaw back together and crack the nut is your daily bread. Inquisitive by nature you, like us, want to understand what makes things tick to make them better.

Getting things done

We're strong believers that a refactor in time saves nine. You'll have enough experience to know the costs and benefits of technical debt. Our code isn't perfect but we're confident it's not going to trip us up in a few months. You'll make use of CI/CD and fit right into the "release early, release often" mantra, realising that it's about increasing quality and output, not about cutting corners.

Product mindset

The Passenger product is named after its end users. You'll be able to develop a genuine understanding of our product and realise that the Passenger product itself is more important and valuable than any individual project we have going on. The best developers understand the end goal, not just their role in a project. You’ll be able to think commercially about the client business, as well as deliver work that doesn’t fall over as its user base scales. You’ll be expected to apply innovation to solve challenges, remembering that the best solutions are often beautiful in their simplicity.

Keen eye, tuned ear

An eye for detail and a high standard of output is important to the success of the role. We’ve developed a code standard that gives us a bar to reach for. You’ll play a part in developing and guiding it as we grow.


You’ll be hot on security too. The one thing that no one sees, until it goes to the wall. Then everyone knows about it.


Creating applications that are quick is fundamental to the role. An understanding of devices, connections and optimisation is key to delivering the quality we’re after. But then you already know that.

Get in touch

If all this sounds like you then get in touch, sending us some links to your work too. Tell us why you want to work here and what youʼll bring to the team. Weʼd love to hear from you.


Salary £30000-40000 depending on experience.

Please, no recruiters.


If candidates are unable to provide code examples for review, they may be required to complete a short code challenge in order to assess skill levels prior to being asked to interview.

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