Front End Web Developer

Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom · Production · MIDFD02


Digital products for smart cities.

A digital product business with a penchant for smart cities. Our flagship product is Passenger (, which is currently storming the public transport market. As a result we’re scaling the team around it.

At Base you will be part of an integrated team of makers and doers, who thrive on the satisfaction of a job well done, across a variety of projects and clients. Passenger is rolled out in over a dozen locations across the UK, including Cardiff, Glasgow, Brighton and Bournemouth with many more to follow.

This is a unique opportunity to join a dynamic technology company and grow with the team. Join us on our mission to redefine the customer experience of public transport for the widest possible audience.

As a conscientious company we value and support personal development. We actively seek key people with a like-minded desire to push boundaries, providing you with the opportunity to continuously build your experience, skills and career.

As part of the team, you’ll get...

A bit about the role

This is a genuine opportunity to work alongside talented people to innovate and build digital services that make a difference to people every day. Working in an increasingly connected life, the role looks a little something like this:


Front end at Base works closely as part of a wider team. You’ll be working with the design team to make beautiful and highly usable websites, talking to back-end teams about the requirements of an API, and co-ordinating with native app teams to produce a product that users understand across every platform.


The products we build cross every demographic and we need to make sure that we’re taking every opportunity to make them accessible for all. This might be through the code we write, or by sharing best practices with our customers. The accessibility of our products should queried in design stages, and reviewed throughout their implementation.

Web Performance

You might be quick to code but are your websites fast to load? Do you know how to make them even faster? Whether the end user is in the mountains of Scotland, or in the centre of Cardiff, they need to get the information that matters to them quickly, and cheaply - this means lean code, fewer dependencies and constant review.


You'll know your JavaScript from your ECMAScript and understand that development isn’t about dropping in this week's new favourite framework. There's often a fine line between "Not Invented Here" and "install all the things" with npm and you'll be well versed in walking it.


We build unified systems, the APIs that our websites use are the same that our kiosks, dashboards, and native apps use - this allows us to roll out features everywhere, and keeps our maintenance overheads low. We’re looking for someone comfortable at both consuming (JSON) APIs and, on occasion, helping to define them.

CSS and Sass

We write all our front-end styling in Sass. You’ll have experience in using a pre-processor to write extendable and flexible code, you’ll know when to nest and when to extend.

Build tools

We like clever things like automated build tools and testing. They keep the quality high and the effort level low. This isn’t a sysadmin role, but you’ll still need to be confident with CLI and have had experience using build tools on the command line.

Dynamic templates

No two CMSs are the same, but most are very similar. We use Drupal to build our products, so experience here is advantageous, but not essential. As long as you’ve experience building front ends that work with external content not fully in your control then you should be good to go. We use PHP's Twig library for templating, so experience with PHP is a bonus.


We build sustainable products, so you’ll need to understand what’s worth investing a small amount of time in now in order to save a lot of headache later. Refactoring is key and you'll be able to judge how much needs doing before something is ready to ship and how much impact delaying it could have.

Responsive development

Our users consumer the websites we build across mobile, desktop and tablet. You’ll be managing a codebase that needs to be on point across a variety of screen sizes and unique browser configurations so we need people that consider these complexities early on and not as an afterthought. After all, no one wants to use a broken website, so we need you to consider your test plan both upfront, and then evolve it if necessary as the product comes to life.


You know how to use version control, and preferably you’ve more than just heard of pull requests, you actually use them! You’ve a working knowledge one of the many issue tracker tools, and you're capable of qualifying and tracking your time against each project.

Get in touch

If all this sounds like you then get in touch, sending us some links to your work too. Tell us why you want to work here and what youʼll bring to the team. Weʼd love to hear from you.


As part of the team, you’ll get...

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